Alexander Tyakht

Alexander Tyakht



Alexander Tyakht is the head of the Group of Bioinformatics at the Institute of Gene Biology (IGB) in Moscow, Russia. The group’s fields of interest range from novel methods for microbiome analysis to epigenetics, 3D genome and cancer.

He received his master degree in applied mathematics and informatics at the Moscow State University (2005) and gained experience as a software developer in biomedical projects involving machine learning and image processing. He started his work in the field of bioinformatics in 2009 at the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical-Chemical Medicine (Moscow), and his PhD thesis in biology completed in 2015 was about the functional analysis of the human gut microbiome.

He contributed to the development of bioinformatic algorithms and visualization tools for metagenomic data analysis (with particular focus on antibiotic resistance potential of human microbiome), as well as co-authored multiple scientific publications discovering the links of gut microbiome to diet and diseases including IBD, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and alcohol abuse.

He is the CTO of Knomics LLC, a microbiome RnD company providing analytical services to food and pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and academia.

Besides common educational activities with the students, he co-authored the book “Tim’s Adventures in the World of Bacteria” to share the most amazing facts about the prokaryotes with children.

In an on-going project supported by Russian Science Foundation, his group at IGB works on improving metagenomic analysis using the chromosome conformation capture techniques like Hi-C.

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Selected abstract (short presentation): Advancing the analysis of gut microbiome in critically ill patients using Hi-C technology