ICCMg 2017

NGS for characterization of clinical class 1 integrons from hospital effluents

Olivier Barraud
Limoges, France

Clinical metagenomics:

our real-life experience

Charles Chiu
San Francisco, USA


From yesterday to tomorrow: past, present and future of sequencing: the next generation sequencing revolution

Laurent Farinelli
Geneva, Switzerland


The blood microbiota in health and disease

Peter Gyarmati
Peoria, USA


Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation

Alice McHardy
Brunswick, Germany

Clinical metagenomics in bone and joint infections

Robin Patel
Rochester, USA


Nanopore Sequencing- a step forward in pathogen identification and antibiotic resistance gene profiling of urine samples

Katarzyna Schmidt
Norwich, UK

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Metagenomics

Kristian Roth
Rockville, USA

Clinical metagenomics of dermohypodermitis and necrotizing fasciitis

Christophe Rodriguez
Créteil, France

Clinical metagenomics of hospital-acquired pneumonia

Sébastien Hauser
Grenoble, France


ICCMg conclusive speech

Etienne Ruppé
Paris, France


19-20 OCTOBER 2017

Development of a NGS-based CE-IVD test for pathogen detection

Pascale Beurdeley
Paris, France


Understanding and combatting resistome exchange across commensal, environmental, and pathogenic microbes

Gautam Dantas
Saint Louis, USA


Can whole genome sequencing replace antibiotic susceptibility testing?

Matthew Ellington
London, UK


On the importance of curated databases

Philippe Lemercier
Geneva, Switzerland

Metagenomic NGS for pathogen detection:
quality control issues and strategies

Steve Miller
San Francisco, USA

Clinical metagenomics in post-operative endophthalmitis

Sünje Johanna Pamp
Lyngby, Denmark

Virus transmission during kidney transplantation assessed by virome analysis  of living donor and recipient

Verena Kufner
Zurich, Switzerland


Rapid metagenomic diagnosis of hospital acquired pneumonia

Justin O’Grady
Norwich, UK

Detection of previously missed pathogens  by a fully-validated metagenomics-based test

Robert Schlaberg
Salt Lake City, USA

ICCMg2 welcome speech

Jacques Schrenzel
Geneva, Switzerland


ICCMg 2016

13-14 OCTOBER 2016

Cinical metagenomics in urinary tract infections

Frank M. Aarestrup
Technical University of Denmark

Clinical microbiomics: towards diagnostics and personalised intervention

Peer Bork
European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL

Clinical metagenomics for the diagnosis of acute infectious diseases

Jérôme Bouquet
University of California – San Francisco

Sequencing of M. tuberculosis directly from sputum

Judith Breuer
University College London

Inferring the antibiogram from genomes

Derrick Crook
Public Health England

The intestinal microbiota and the link with diseases 

S. Dusko Ehrlich
MetaGenoPolis, INRA Jouy en Josas

Clinical metagenomics in immunocompromised patients

Marc Eloit
Institut Pasteur Paris and Pathoquest

Overview of bioinformatics analyses for metagenomics data

Aitana Lebrand
Swisss Institute of Bioinformatics

From metagenomics to bacterial therapy

Eric Pamer
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Using biofilms (and metagenomics) to diagnose colon cancer

Cynthia Sears
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Probing the medical microbiome

Georges Weinstock
The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Next Generation Sequencing for metagenomics

Patrick Wincker
Genoscope and CEA, France

Welcome address

Jacques Schrenzel
Geneva University Hospitals

Conclusive speech

Snapshots from the ICCMg 2016