Sébastien Hauser

Sébastien Hauser

Grenoble, France


Sébastien HAUSER (PhD) is staff scientist in molecular biology at bioMérieux in Grenoble (France). After his PhD, he spent 7 years in service laboratories and small companies to develop protocols and standards for application of real-time PCR and DNA Chip to clinical diagnostics and food safety control. He joined bioMérieux in 2007 where he evaluated the feasibility of various molecular technologies for the development of clinical diagnostic.  Since 2015 he is working on the feasibility of clinical metagenomics for the diagnostic of Hospital Acquired pneumonia in collaboration with the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG).

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  • Friday20-Oct-2017

Clinical metagenomics of hospital-acquired pneumonia