Etienne Ruppé

Etienne Ruppé



Dr. Etienne Ruppé is associate professor of bacteriology in the University of Paris and the Bichat-Claude Bernard University teaching Hospital in Paris, France. After graduation as a pharmacist and clinical microbiologist in 2008 (University of Tours and University of Paris Descartes), he spent 4 years as an assistant in the bacteriology laboratory of the Bichat-Claude Bernard University teaching hospital (Pr Antoine Andremont) and obtained his PhD in infectious diseases for his work on the epidemiology of carriage of multidrug-resistant bacteria. He then moved as a post-doc fellow to MetaGenoPolis, INRA (Pr Dusko Ehrlich), to study the resistome of the human gut microbiota. Then, he took a second post-doctoral position in the Genomic Research Laboratory in the Geneva University Hospitals (Pr Jacques Schrenzel) where he worked on the development of clinical metagenomics. He is now associate professor at the University of Paris and the Paris University Hospitals. His current work aims at spanning various aspects of antibiotic resistance: carriage, diagnosis, infections, emergence, epidemiology, prevention and information to the public.

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